We extend your Home or Office existing WiFi network to reach exactly where you want. Either you live at a small apartment, isolated home or you have an office, our WiFi solution can accommodate you. Free WiFi Consulting and site inspection.

Connected Homes and Offices

Home Wifi Setup

We extend your existing home or apartment WiFi network to reach other areas where your network connection is poor or completely dead (Dead Zones) , while maintaining the same internet speeds throughout the area.

Office Wifi Setup

Maximize your WiFi connection in the office without losing any internet speeds, our office WiFi connect makes sure that all the devices using WiFi are fully connected to the internet and that your existing WiFi network reaches all the offices.

Custom WiFi Setup

Have an Idea of how you want your network connection to be ?. We can assist you to plan your WiFi connection setup, we have a vast of experience working with WiFi connection, optimizations and devices or you can buy our devices and do it yourself.


Stay connected wherever you are with our home and office internet configuration. Say goodbye to dead zones.

  • Wired Router Distribution
  • Wired Extender Distribution
  • Home and Office Fibre Connections
  • 3G,4G,5G Network Configuration
  • Flexible setup for homes, offices, schools, apartments and etc
  • Computer Hardware Engineering, Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Free Consultation
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